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Global Network

With the Global Market in Sight and Mind,FBK is Expanding its Sales in Conjunction wiht 1000 Companies in japan and 30 aboard

The company has already addressed the worldwide restructuring of the automobile industry,which had been assumed to happen in the future.We started expanding our business overseas 40 years ago.Export and sales are growing in many areas,including the Middle East,Southeast Asia,Europe and Russia.Our high quality products which we continually focus on gains us high commendation around the world,against a background of the brand name JFBK made in japan.In Japan, needless to say brake components,a wide array of automotive components also dominate the market as well as contributing to the ongoing development of the industry.

Global Network

The main exporting direction

  • <Southeast Asia>China.Taiwan.Hong Kong.Philippines.Tai.Singapore
  • <Southwest Asia>Sri Lanka
  • <Middle and Near East>U.A.E.Yemen.Jordan.Lebanon.Saudi Arabia
  • <Oceania>New Zealand.Australia
  • <Europe>Greece・Cyprus・Belgium・Turkey・Russian
  • <South America>El Salvador.Bolivia.Barbados.Suriname.Dominican Republic.Chile
The main exporting country