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Corporate Policy

Corporate Policy

Car are driving by an engine,turning is by steeling control and stopping is by braking.All these mechanisms must continually operate precisely when driving,turning or stopping.
Utilizing our unique expertise accumulated over many years, we at FBK continually supply brake components to the highest order and best standards. Safety and reliability is the philosophy we adopt and engender as we consider these attributes are the most important.
Within FBK we actively pursue engineering development and manufacturing technology in the field of brake performance in respect to human life and the environment.We continually demonstrate our sincere attitude by effectively contributing to society and the industrial world,locked to the philosophy of committed human consideration.

Unlimited challenge maintenance is three done aspects to safety and safety.

  • Aspect to challenge based on pioneering spirit.
  • Aspect to Rhythm of body, feelings, and intellect and aspects of ecology.
  • Aspect that contributes to society and continues act of sympathizing.